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Statement on the Occasion of New Nominees to the Senate

Statement on the Occasion of New Nominees to the Senate

Today’s series of new nominations to the Senate will provide a real boost to the Upper Chamber’s diversity and allow for more independent thought and regional representation.

A full complement of Senators from Ontario will lead to more opportunities for serious deliberation on issues that touch the province. It goes without saying, of course, that our new Ontario colleagues will play a key role in the national debate, as do Senators from all provinces.

The addition of six Senators of such diverse background also provides the chamber with wide expertise in areas that range from economics and social justice to policing and the public service. The Senate’s goal is to represent concerns and views of Canadians from all walks of life. With these nominations – as well as a number of previous ones and others to come – we are well on our way to becoming the chamber of sober second thought that the architects of our country envisioned.