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Le Centre culturel islamique de Québec—Victims of Tragedy

Honourable senators, mere words are not sufficient to characterize the depth of sadness we all feel in the wake of the tragedy that befell so many citizens at the Centre Culturel Islamique de Québec on Sunday. As parliamentarians, we are obliged to use words, however inadequate, to bring Canadians together for a common purpose, to help us understand each other's goals and needs, and, unfortunately, to sometimes mourn each other's tragedies.

With this in mind, allow me to say that we all grieve today with the families of those slain in these senseless actions and are praying for the speedy and full recovery of those who were injured.

We also want to reach out to members of our Canadian Muslim community and Quebecers as a whole, particularly the people of Quebec City whose hearts are broken and who may be feeling fearful following this attack.

We hope that our collective grief will help them feel less alone with this heartache.

We know that, despite our best efforts to build a peaceful, tolerant and open society, senseless acts like this one can happen. While it is our duty to protect our society from such incidents happening in the future, we must remember that kindness, respect and openness are part of our national identity and our shared values and that they are our best defence against such abhorrent acts.